Afro Music Blast



AFRO-MUSIC BLAST is the first of its kind in Switzerland: A Afro Music Radioshow on JAM-ON RADIO, Switzerland’s Urban Music Radiostation.

It’s an afro infusion in collaboration with HEARTBEAT EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT.

What’s Afro Music Blast all about? What are the intended goals?

AFRO MUSIC BLAST, is an afro radio show which is meant to trigger afro awareness across Switzerland and to bring the best of afro-music, -culture and much more right to your doorstep. The show promotes afro events, afro music artists and subsequently, every other afro activities and information across the border of Switzerland.

AFRO MUSIC BLAST is a plus to the black community here in Switzerland to trigger integration.



Samstag um 18:00 Uhr (2 Stunden)


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